Educating safely: the MAS method for educators – Rimini
6 December 2017
The MAS Method for educators of the San Patrignano Recovery Community
6 March 2018

Author: Fatma Zohra Bekrou

On December 16, the final event for the celebrations related to the fifth anniversary since the birth of MASTERY™ and the MAS Method – Moving Action Surprise System© was held at the B&B La Corte Country House in Fermo.

Introducing the evening was the screening of a video that recalled the five years of MASTERY™: the story of its successes and projects related to the immediate future. The people who took part in the video explained why they chose the MAS Method and its importance in their personal experiences.

The introductory video was followed by greetings to the participants from Mr. Remo Grassetti, Head Master of MASTERY™, and Dr. Aldo Pigoli, General Manager of MASTERY™. With their words, they have retraced the steps that go from the birth of MASTERY™ to the extraordinary development of this five year period, due to the people who have participated and contributed to this path. The defendants were also welcomed by greetings and wishes of the institutional, political and academic authorities.

Entering the evening, Dr. Aldo Pigoli presented the activities carried out by MASTERY™ during the year that is about to be concluded and the results that have been achieved in all the sectors in which MASTERY™ is involved.

At the end of the presentation, there was a ceremony to award the praise that MASTERY™ wanted to recognize to the people who have distinguished themselves for their commitment in the development and dissemination of the MAS Method.

To receive the recognition were Major General Maurizio Leoni, former Commander of Command C4 Defence, Major General Augusto Staccioli, former Director of the School of Foreign Languages of the Army (SLEE) and prominent figure of the Folgore, and Air Marshall Pierluigi Leonarduzzi, Director of the Institute for Advanced Defence Studies (IASD). General Staccioli and General Leonarduzzi were not present but they sent their greetings and good wishes for the event. In particular, General  Leonarduzzi sent a message that was read to the participants.

The delivery of the parchment to Major General Maurizio Leoni

Afterwards, the MAS Method Instructor Diploma was handed over to Lieutenant Lucio Carriero, former R. A. F. O. S. R. Operator and Instructor of the 9th “Col Moschin” Paratroopers Assault Regiment.

Award of the MAS Method Instructor Diploma to Lieutenant Lucio Carriero

The MAS Method teaching qualification has been renewed for instructors already qualified in previous years and who have participated in refresher and maintenance activities.

Issuing of renewal of the MAS Method Teaching Licence to instructors

Afterwards, the Italian Defence Association (A. I. D.) was represented by the speech of its President Luca Bruni, who thanked for the years of work of the Association to which he belongs, an integral part of MASTERY™.

The Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps (CISOM) of Macerata, represented by the manager Stefano Carnevali and Vice Walter Angelici, also intervened. During their speech, the 2018 programme of some Civil Protection activities aimed at young people was introduced.

Stefano Carnevali and Walter Angelici, representatives of CISMO-SMOM of Macerata

An important contribution to the evening was the exhibition of the painting by the artist Sandra Fiordelmondo. The painter, in her work “Movement”, a clear reference to one of the founding principles of the MAS Method, interpreted her personal vision of the method.

The evening ended with a dinner, offered to all participants by the MASTERY™ management, and crowned by a toast of good wishes for the next Christmas holidays.

The delivery of the work “Movement” by the painter Sandra Fiordelmondo