The MAS Method for educators of the San Patrignano Recovery Community
6 March 2018
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18 May 2018
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The MAS method course for female students of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan

On Saturday 10 and Saturday 17 March 2018 was held the course on the prevention and management of critical situations at the Marianum College of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. The course was organised by the College’s management in collaboration with MASTERY™ – International Academy for Security and Defence.

The course, which lasted 16 hours, was attended by sixteen students from the College.

The methodological tool used was the MAS Method – Moving Action Surprise System©, proposed exclusively at the Italian and international level by MASTERY™ and adopted by the personnel of the Armed Forces and Police Forces, at the national and local level, and by different realities of civil society, as in the case of the personnel in charge of personal services, educators and socio-health personnel.

The objective of the course was to transmit to the participants a greater self-awareness and mastery in managing body, mind and emotions in critical moments, with the aim of developing a preventive and non-conflictual approach to interpersonal relationships.

The course was divided into a theoretical part in the classroom to deepen the principles of the MAS Method and the aspects related to communication and management of emotions and a practical part, having as its object the adoption of a correct psycho-physical posture, the study of proxemics, the management of stress and fear and the development of resilience.

The scientific director of the course was Dr. Aldo Pigoli (General Manager of MASTERY™ and professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan), while the technical direction was entrusted to M° Remo Grassetti (Head Master of MASTERY™ and creator of the MAS Method), assisted by Luca Bruni (Senior Instructor of MASTERY™ and President of the Italian Defence Association – A.I.D.).

The students with M° Remo Grassetti (in the centre), Senior Instructor Luca Bruni (on the left) and Prof. Aldo Pigoli (on the right).

At the end of the course, all students were issued with a certificate relating to the activities carried out.

The organization of this course is part of the activities carried out by MASTERY™ in the social field to develop a safety culture and a preventive approach to critical situations.

The management of MASTERY™ – International Academy for Security and Defence expresses its sincere thanks to the management of the Marianum College for its contribution to the implementation of the course.