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19 December 2017
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21 March 2018
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The MAS Method for educators of the San Patrignano Recovery Community

Author: Fatma Zohra Bekrou

On Friday, 16 February 2018 the San Patrignano Recovery Community held an introductory course on the prevention and management of critical situations based on the MAS Method – Moving Action Surprise System©.

The course, held by a team of teachers and instructors from MASTERY™ – International Academy for Security and Defence, was attended by 15 educators and leaders of the Community’s training sectors.

Teachers of MASTERY™ with educators and the responsible for the training sectors of the San Patrignano Recovery Community.

The course has been structured with a theoretical part to deepen the principles of the MAS Method, verbal and non-verbal communication and dynamic negotiation and aspects concerning the management of emotions, and a practical part, having as its object the correct psycho-physical posture, the safe management of one’s body in space, the study of proxemics and resilience.

During his lecture, Dr. Aldo Pigoli (General Manager MASTERY™ and lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan) presented the reality of MASTERY™ and the activities in which it is involved in Italy, with particular reference to civil society. The intervention of Dr. Pigoli wanted to emphasize the importance of a training approach based on natural and simple principles, easy to learn but highly effective in the prevention and management of critical situations. Much of the prevention comes from a careful evaluation of the context in which we operate, from a correct use of interpersonal communication and negotiation but, above all, from a non-conflictual and collaborative approach.

The second part of the course was directed by M° Remo Grassetti (Head Master MASTERY™ and creator of the MAS Method) assisted by some MASTERY™ Senior Instructors.

Remo Grassetti and Aldo Pigoli in San Patrignano.

M° Grassetti  studied in depth and applied the principles of the MAS Method, showing its usefulness for social operators and educators in coping with critical situations or threatening their own safety and those they cared for. The violent outbreak of a crisis requires an approach and mode of intervention capable of guaranteeing efficiency and, at the same time, of not causing any physical or psychological damage in order to be able to immediately recover the relationship between the operator and the assisted person. This is one of the main goals that MASTERY™ sets itself in the training of educators.

The course was held in an atmosphere of great participation, through the sharing of experiences faced by educators and the analysis of approaches and methods of action useful to prevent and manage critical issues.

The management of MASTERY™- International Academy for Security and Defence expresses its heartfelt thanks to the staff who took part in the course and the organizers, in particular Dr. Antonio Tinelli.