Sectors and activities

Thanks to a solid methodological approach,
we deliver dedicated solutions to our customers,
looking specifically at increasing and reinforcing
knowledge and skills of their personnel.

MasteryTM aims to support and work with:

  • Armed Forces
  • Police Forces
  • Private security organizations and professionals
  • Large Companies and SMEs
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Transport companies
  • NGOs and Civil society organizations


Simplicity, completeness and efficacy are the pillars of the impact our services deliver to public institutions and their personnel working in the field of Security and Defence at Italian and international level.

Our activities and services:

  • Provide a methodological platform based on the grassroots principles of various command and force, and is ready to use in their operative procedures.
  • In a short time, demonstrate concrete and accountable results in facing potential or actual critical situations and threats, both at physical and psychological level.
  • Can be learned ad implemented by anybody, regardless to gender, physical conditions, technical expertise.
  • Produce a general improvement of knowledge and skills.

Armed Forces

MasteryTM has extensive experience in the training of Armed Forces staff.
Over the years, a number of training and demonstration activities have been carried out at various Italian Armed Forces’ regiments and commands.

In August 2017, the MAS Method – Moving Action Surprise System© has been recognized and adopted by the Italian Air Force for the training of its staff.

Training activities and courses

  • Italian Air Force 41th Squadron, Sigonella
  • Italian Air Force 32nd Squadron, Amendola
  • Italian Air Force Special Forces Command, Roma-Centocelle;
  • Italian Air Force 1st “Special Operations” Brigade, Cervia;
  • Italian Air Force 16th Squadron, Martina Franca;
  • Italian Armed Forces C4 Command, Roma;
  • Italian Army 183rd Airborne Regiment “Nembo”, Pistoia;
  • Italian Army 186th Airborne Regiment “Folgore”, Siena;
  • Italian Army 4th Alpini Parachutist Regiment “Rangers”, Bolzano;
  • And more…

In recent years, several demonstrations has also been developed to other Commands, including special forces and special operations forces, at Italian Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri.

Police Forces

MasteryTM offers its services to Police Forces at the local and national level, aiming to contribute the technical expertise and operational skills development and improvement of their personnel.

Our integrated methodological platform applies for many activities:

  • Prevention and management of critical situations
  • Self Defence
  • Scenario analysis
  • Negotiation and communication
  • Psycho-physical stress management
  • Simulations
  • Operational intervention principles and procedures
  • Involuntary Medical Treatments
  • Tactical shooting and safety in weapons handling
  • Tactical defensive and offensive driving technics
  • Legal framework

MasteryTM training approach and methodology helps to develop a strong tactical and operational efficacy, ensuring the safety of the operator and avoiding direct or collateral damages, even to those who initiated the threat.

In recent years, MasteryTM has provided courses and training activities to many Police Forces commands, throughout Italy, and mainly in:

  • Ancona
  • Arezzo
  • Civitanova Marche
  • Fermo
  • Prato
  • Rimini
  • Tolentino

Private sector

Autonomously or in partnership with other organizations, MasteryTM organizes and provides courses, training and consulting for experienced professionals or for people wishing to build new professional skills in the field of Security and Defence.

Our services are addressed to Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Companies, Private Security Companies, VIP Security Agencies and their personnel in the training, maintenance and updating in: public events management; counter-terrorism analysis and prevention; VIPs and close protection; children protection; critical situations management at home, in business and commercial building or public places; travel security.

Among the main activities proposed:

  • Behavioral analysis and definition of risk scenarios
  • Psycho-physical training and stress management
  • Understanding of religious or political radicalism and extremism
  • Evaluation, prevention and counter-terrorism
  • Close Protection
  • Self Defence
  • Tactical and instinctive shooting courses
  • FPOS (First Person on the Scene) and automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Tactical defensive and offensive driving technics

A growing sector is the one related with safety in public transport (buses and trains), with courses and training activities for driver and verifiers, as well as assistance and support activities for on-board controls and critical situations prevention and management.

Large companies and SMEs

Thanks to a long and sound experience Corporate and Executive Education, MasteryTM offers its services to large corporations and organizations in Italy and abroad who need to provide courses and training for their staff and managers in dealing with critical situations management and unforeseen scenario changes, with attention to the globalization and internationalization processes they are involved in:

  • Open Source Intelligence (data collection, use and dissemination)
  • Duty of care and safety for people travelling or living abroad
  • Prevention and management of critical situations
  • Cross-cultural negotiation
  • Leadership and Management Training