About Us

Security is made by people
and training people
is what we do best!

MasteryTM International Academy for Security and Defence S.r.l.s. is an Italian company created to provide answers and solutions to the growing need of security in current society, both at public and private level.

MasteryTM  was created by Remo Grassetti and Aldo Pigoli in 2014, cobining expertise and knowledge in the field of Security and Defence accumulated over more than 30 years of studies and training activities.

MasteryTM has grown over the years through the constant sharing of ideas and experiences with experts, professionals and organizations at both the national and the international level. Professionality, trustworthiness and reliability helped us increase our activities and clients, both at public and private level.

The core of our business is the is MAS – Moving Action Surprise System©, a theoretical-practical method for the prevention and management of critical situations and Self Defence.
Teh word “Mastery” brings together the initials of the MAS Method and involves the ideas of excellence and control. The pillars of Security and Defence lay in the proper mastering of body, mind and feelings.
We believe in education and training as fundamental tools to develope and increase knoweledge and skills: people have always been on top of our efforts.

Mission and Values

> To prepare and train in a suitable and professional way those who work in the field of Security and Defence, crisis management and counter-terrorism.

> To spread the method for the prevention and management of critical situations and Self Defence MAS – Moving Action Surprise System©

> To cooperate with Armed Forces and Police Forces in enhancing the skills and knowledge of their personnel in managing critical situations.

> To fight violence in any form, and mainly those against women, youngsters and weaker people. This is achieved through education in the prevention of threats as well as through teaching the principles of security and Self Defence.

> To develop and promote the culture of Security, non-violence, self-control – both in Italy and abroad, by organizing training activities, courses, in-depth meetings, conferences and workshops.

MasteryTM is based on and pursues the following principles:

MasteryTM si basa e persegue questi principi:

Our Clients

MasteryTM has been chosen by:

Metropolitan Police
Fermo (FM)
Metropolitan Police
Prato (PO)
Metropolitan Police
Civitanova Marche (MC)
Special Forces Command (C.F.S.S.)
Italian Air Force
Centocelle Roma
1st “Special Operations” Brigade (B.A.O.S.)
Italian Air Force
Cervia (RA)
16th Squadron
Italian Air Force
Martina Franca (TA)
32nd Squadron
Italian Air Force
Amendola (FG)
Terziario Donna Confcommercio
Pesaro (PU)
Azienda Pluriservizi

Our Partners

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Board of Experts

Experts from all over the world collaborate with MasteryTM in different training and cultural activities on Security and Defence: