MasteryTM delivers a number of high-value-added services in training and consulting. The main goal is to develop and strengthen the skills and abilities of people and their organizations.

Our approach is based on simple methodologies and easy to learn tools. Each of our proposals is the result of a prior assessment based on customer needs and is modelled to provide a dedicated, efficient and effective service. The result is a high level of satisfaction that has long been recognized by our customers in different sectors: institutions, corporate business and society.


Courses and learning programs are the core of MasteryTM‘s activities.

We strongly believe in the value of courses, seminars and workshops as a tool to maintain, develop and enhance professionalism and skills to add value to individuals and organizations.
Our activities mainly concern the prevention and management of critical situations. We consider the person in its entirety, taking care of physical, psychological and emotional components.
Our courses are developed both by our facilities and in “In house” mode. Our courses are designed and guided by a team of instructors and highly qualified and experienced national and international experts.

Private sector

Armed Forces

Police Forces

Security officers



Psychophysical training is a fundamental component of any attempt to develop and improve skills and abilities of an individual and its organization.

Specifically, our programs focus on:

  • Prevent and manage critical situations
  • Facing risks and threats
  • Manage situations of psychophysical stress
  • Address different operational scenarios
  • Work safely
  • Evaluate and select tasks

Training activities do not only concern the technical-operational scope but also all the factors that indirectly can benefit from the development of individual and group competences.

Consulting and advice

By closely working with Security and Defence professionals and organizations, both at institutional and private level, MasteryTM can help its customers to optimize their learning and training processes to achieve the best results, depending on their specific needs.

We employ internal experts and a network of international professionals to meet the needs of our customers. Our experts are available to analyze, understand and evaluate our customers’ requirements and propose the most appropriate and efficient solutions.

Specifically, our consulting services include:

      • Assessment of training needs
      • Scenario analysis
      • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
      • Security and Safety abroad
      • Crisis Management
      • Urban Counter-terrorism