The Mas Method


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The MAS Method – Moving Action Surprise System©
is proposed in different courses and
with different levels.

The MAS Method courses and training programs consider the physical, psychological, and emotional components associated with training of well-behaved people, with a specific focus on the management of critical situations, including unforeseen scenario changes. Training and training activities are directed by Head Master Remo Grassetti and conducted by MasteryTM Instructors with experience in training civilians and Armed Forces and Police Forces personnel.

There are 3 levels of progressive training: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has specific objectives that are achieved through various activities. At the completion of the programme, you reach the “Expert” qualification.

Basic level

This is the entry level of the MAS Method, focusing on the presentation of its principles, and the theoretical and practical learning of some of them.

Participation at this level is open to all practitioners without physical or technical prerequisites.

Intermediate level

This is an in-depth study of the MAS Method, in which method principles are applied intensively. This training allows you to experience the natural psycho-motive reactions to unexpected external stimuli and to manage situations of physical and emotional stress in a non-schematized or predefined manner.

Participation at this level is open to those who completed the Basic level.

Advanced level

This level addresses, from a theoretical and practical perspective, some “real” situations, related with potential critical events that may occur in everyday life, and the different contexts in which they can take place. This training allows the practitioner to apply the MAS Method in its entirety as a tool for preventing and managing critical situations and Self Defence.

Participation at this level is open to those who completed the Basic and Intermediate levels.

Expert level

At the end of the three-level training courses, practitioners can access the “Expert” course, which draws and builds upon the principles learned during the 3 levels of the MAS Method are resumed and deepened.

At the end of the course, following a theoretical-practical exam, the certificate of acquisition of the “Expert” Level of the MAS Method is issued.


corsi e servizi di alto profilo per professionisti che operano nel campo della difesa e sicurezza, a livello pubblico e privato, e per coloro che cercano nuovi sbocchi professionali.


con Forze Armate, Forze di Polizia, istituzioni ed Enti, Organizzazioni pubbliche e private, Università e Centri Studio a livello internazionale, nazionale e locale.


partership e attività congiunte con vari soggetti che si occupano di formazione, training e consulenza nel settore della sicurezza pubblica e privata.

Having achieved the “Expert” level, practicioners can continue to deepen the practice of the MAS Method, by attending courses, full immersion activities or refresher seminars.


Practicioners with the “Expert” level can also decide to undertake the training path to become “Instructor” and thus begin a significant and engaging teaching experience.


At the completion of each level, the relevant level certificate is issued.

When completing the entire cycle of 3 levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) the training credits are issued to gain access to the final level which, following a theoretical and practical exam, guarantees the “Expert” level qualification of the MAS Method and its diploma.


Courses and training activities do not require specific areas, structures or equipment. To accomodate for bad weather conditions, however, it is advisable to take advantage of an indoor space (gym or similar place). Training can be done with a tracksuit and a sneaker, while the daily life scenario simulations require normal street clothing.

How and where

MasteryTM organizes training activities, seminars and full immersion courses of the Metodo MAS – Moving Action Surprise System© throughout Italy and abroad.
To find out about active courses and upcoming events, just visit our website in the “Blog” section, check for updates on our social profiles or write an Email to